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Wanna know a secret?

“Top-notch content in a gorgeous format with easy-to-use directions.”

  – LA Times

“A pleasantly designed interface ... [and] the guides are indeed awesome.”

  – LA Weekly

“Purveyors of rare and vital information.... fighting back against the bland-ification of life. ”

  – Boing Boing

Vegansaurus got 49.


Vegansaurus is a bicoastal juggernaut of all things vegan. It's sharing 25 places where you can get the most delicious veggie and vegan food on the planet.

Vegansaurus' The Best Veg Food in the Bay Area as Picked By Genius Experts is part of Know What, an app that brings together our country's smartest most creative people to share their favorite things and places.

Download Know What through the app store.

You get 400 amazing places out of thousands available. Then, an additional purchase adds all of Vegansaurus's to your map.

Know What brings together the smartest, most creative people on the planet.

To find you something awesome. Right now.

Buy Know What and get immediate access to 200 favorite places and best kept secrets in each city we're in – currently greater LA and SF, with New York, Chicago, Boston, Portland and Seattle coming soon.

  • The best restaurants & bars
  • Stylish shopping
  • Beautiful hikes and outdoors
  • World famous street art
  • Kids stuff that's cool for grown-ups
  • Hidden secrets of all kinds

Know what's great. Skip the bad. Stay current. Stay on top. For less than the cost of a latté.

People you already know and trust.

These aren't people with agendas hiding behind anonymous screen names. They're real writers, critics, bloggers and experts who all know what they're talking about.

Places you really want to go. Today.

You start off with 400 places for $2.99, that's less than a penny a place. And they're constantly updated with more added all the time.

Then you can purchase and download 1000s more with the tap of your finger.

1000s of adventures and new hang-outs await.

Hand-picked content. No undercover ads. Nothing written by robots or marketers. Did we mention no ads?

And it costs less than your morning coffee.

Let's go!